Q: What is a sideliner?

A: A sideliner is a beekeeper who actively seeks profit from his or her beekeeping operation while preserving a different source of income at the same time. Typically, sideliners have between 26 and 300 colonies although this is more of a rule of thumb.

Q: What range of income should I expect as a sideliner beekeeper?

A: Income will range from a few thousand dollars a year in profit to tens of thousands. This depends on the amount of time spent with the bees and has increased to the level of a part-time job.

Q: How do I make money?

A: One of the many benefits of beekeeping on top of the intellectual challenge includes multiple streams of income potential ranging from honey production to pollen to beeswax. The amount of honey production depends on the strength of the colony, the weather, time of the honey flow, rainfall, and the temperature. Pollen and propolis as often used as health supplements. Beeswax can be sold either as raw wax or as candles, ointments, balms, or creams.

Q: What size of equipment should I be considering on using for my business?

A: Most sideliner beekeepers will need a larger extractor than 12 frame. There are advantages of using medium honey supers: lightweight and easier to carry, bees clear out of super much faster when pulling honey, more flexibly when adding room to the hive and easier to extract--less wear and tear on equipment.

Q: What is the most important thing to remember as a sideliner?

A: Enjoy it! If you are having trouble, please check out our video library and our newsletter for further help. If you do not find your answer, please call us at 1-800-233-2899 and we will be glad to serve as your bee advisor. We also highly recommend seeking out a mentor. A mentor, in addition to being a great future friend, can provide “lessons learned”, counsel, and direct hands-on help. Great places to find a mentor include your local extension offices, city/county beekeeping clubs, state beekeeping associations, and trade shows.

Suggested Products

  • 20 Frame Extractor--This can extract 10 deep/20 shallow frames.
  • Skid of Hive Bodies/ (18CG vs. 18-50)--depending on income and space available
  • Skid of Medium Supers/ (38CG vs. 38-50--depending on income and space available
  • Storage Bottling Tank (or multi-purpose tank)
  • Capping Melter( help liquefy the cappings faster and separate the wax to be used for other purposes)

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