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Q: What is a commercial beekeeper?

A: A commercial beekeeper typically has over 300 colonies and is engaged in beekeeping for a primary business purpose.

Q: Can Walter T. Kelley make custom items for my honey processing operation?

A: Yes, Kelley’s manufactures a full line of extractors, bottling tanks, sumps, and wax processing equipment for the commercial beekeeper. In our metal shop we can modify any of our existing products to fit your specific needs. We can also repair any existing Kelley equipment that you have.

Q: Do you still make the Kelley 33 or 72 frame extractor?  Do you still have parts for them?

A: Yes, we still manufacture the 33 and 72 frame Kelley extractor. We have made  improvements over the years including variable speed control. We have all the parts that you need to refurbish or rebuild your existing 33 or 72.

Q: Does Kelley’s still offer wax working?

A: Yes, we do wax working for our customers.  We have a minimum of 100#.  We can also make custom sized foundation if what we offer does not fit your operation. There is a die set fee to custom cut foundation but it is a one time charge.  We can also make YOUR foundation out of YOUR wax. This requires a minimum of 3500# so that it would be a full tank run. Also, this can only be done in the fall and winter months.

Q:  Can I have boxes (hive bodies or supers) made with no hand holds or nail holes?

A: Yes. We make all of our boxes here at our Clarkson plant.  We can make your boxes with out hand holds or nail holes. We do have a minimum for a special run. Just give us a call at 1-270-242-2019 extension 203 or email

Q:  Does Kelley offer price breaks for large order quantities?

A:  Yes,  we do offer price breaks for large quantities. Just give us a call at 1-270-242-2019 extension 203 or email

Suggested products

  • 18CG-50  50 Commercial Grade Hive Bodies (skidded with no frame rests or nails)
  • 38CG-50  50 Commercial Grade Medium supers (skidded with no nails)
  • 49CG-M  Migratory Wood covers
  • 338  72 frame extractor
  • #2 frames Bulk Packed No Nails

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